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Granite's Portfolio

Strategic partners make all the difference.
With the right partners, everything gets better. Granite MEDSystems has high level relationships with some of the world’s premiere companies to help our customers leverage the advantages they have to offer. These partnerships allow Granite’s OEM customers to get a huge spectrum of services form a single source.Though we have many partnerships with component level manufacturers and design firms, the partners on this page represent major companies that Granite works with to create the very best electro-medical solutions for the healthcare OEM.
Dell OEM Solutions has worked with OEM customers for over 15 years and currently engages with companies to help them bring their solutions to market globally.  Through the partnership, Granite can offer the full catalog of Dell hardware, software and services, combined with  high-mix, low volume design, integration and global logistics capabilities.Granite is a Dell OEM Channel Partner, and works with Dell to offer the healthcare OEM value-added services such as custom hardware and software integration, final assembly and test, inventory management, consolidation and shipping, custom support engagements and supply-chain solutions.By working with the Granite/Dell team, an OEM can:

  • Leverage COTS systems with managed, extended lifecycles (including Dell XL)
  • Use Dell hardware in larger medical equipment built and managed by Granite
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 manufacturing in North America & Asia
  • Managed medical certifications, UL60601, FDA, DHR, etc.
  • Vertical expertise and knowledge with over 25 years in healthcare market
  • Access to Dell’s extensive OEM mobility product catalog
  • Broad computer related product offerings to choose from
  • Tried and tested turnkey development and systems integration
  • Global footprint for regional support
  • Inventory management, stocking and VMI programs
  • No need for contracts with Dell directly
  • OEM Branding Programs

Reach out to us and discover what the Granite/Dell team can do for you!

Read the press release (PDF).



NVIDIA awakened the world to computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999.

Granite is a member of the Tesla Partner Program.

TESLA: Accelerating ScienceNVIDIA’s expertise in programmable GPUs has led to breakthroughs in parallel processing. Scientists and researchers around the world are using Tesla® GPUs to tackle the most complex challenges, from climate modeling to quantum physics to finding a cure for cancer.NVIDIA® CUDA® architecture enables GPUs to work not just with the pixels of an image, but with numerical data. NVIDIA Tesla processors harness CUDA to make supercomputing more efficient and more accessible. Today, CUDA is taught in more than 560 universities. On the June 2012 list of Top500 supercomputers, more than 50 systems were powered by NVIDIA GPUs, rising from 10 in just 18 months.If you are an OEM that craves extreme performance for your application, Granite can help design a GPU-based system to help you surpass your goals.




Make your embedded solutions smarter through advanced performance, connectivity, security, and manageability. As an Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance member, Granite provides the hardware, software, firmware, tools, and systems integration that developers need to take a leading role in the rise of intelligent systems.  Granite is a member at the Associate level, with an emphasis on Systems Integration.

Granite has been working with Intel for many years.  As a member of the Premier Provider program since 2002 and in the embedded programs since 2004.  We know Intel products well, and offer a variety of platforms and products customized for the OEM’s specific requirements.Working with Granite offers many advantages, including in part:
  • Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance members benefit from early access to roadmaps, test platforms, and design support.
  • Faster time to market: Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance members collaborate closely with Intel and each other to release optimized, interoperable solutions based on the latest Intel® processors.
  • Long lifecycle support: Intel’s 7-year extended lifecycle support for embedded processors and chipsets protects your development investment.



Granite MEDSystems has a joint venture with Bjorksten | bit 7 (Madison, WI).

The working agreement gives healthcare and biotech OEMs accelerated product development and lower cost programs by unifying both organizations’ service capabilities into a
single streamlined program. The new alliance combines Granite MEDSystems’ decades
of experience as a medical OEM partner with Bjorksten | bit 7’s ability to design,
engineer, and prototype award winning medical products.The alliance between Granite MEDSystems and Bjorksten | bit 7 enables both
companies to offer clients true end-to-end medical device design and manufacturing,
from concept to production, all under the umbrella of 13485 oversight.  This range of service is uncommon in the industry.Granite MEDSystems is a perfect match for Bjorksten | bit 7 because we are extremely experienced with manufacturing medical devices that receive intense regulatory scrutiny from the FDA and other quality assurance systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and Quality System Regulation 21 CFR 820.  This meshes perfectly with Bjorksten | bit 7′s experience with of designing world class products for top companies.About Bjorksten | bit 7Bjorksten | bit 7 is a leading-edge product design and product development consulting
firm whose work spans strategy, innovation, design, engineering, prototyping, testing,
and new product implementation.  A key market differentiator is the cross-functional approach blending marketing, scientific, engineering, and design efforts into a single development cycle to achieve the mission of delivering simultaneous Brand, Technology and Product dominance to clients.  Bjorksten | bit 7 is also among few design firms to hold an ISO 13485 certification, offering healthcare and biotech OEMs confidence through the entire process.Additional services provided to clients include innovation and product development training and also professional on-site staff support.

Visit the Bjorksten | bit 7 at


ND Design is a full design firm located in Shanghai, China.  ND is a premier destination for folks who need the finest design balanced with the best usability and superior aesthetics.

Famous for many award-winning medical designs, ND has accumulated plentiful OEM experience.  Granite and ND have worked together on several Asian-based product designs.